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Kevser Sayılıoğlu

May 7, 2021


görümtümü kapatınca bir resim çıkması

Cyborg Cat Studio (Steampunker)

Sep 17, 2020

Welcome Panda 5

Nice work and we are not the only thing is that what you need to get the job done for a while back - Sign Up

W.G. Koenigsmann

Feb 23, 2020

Panda not working

Panda isn't working anymore, keeps saying "out of bamboos."

Jakub Havránek

Aug 13, 2019

Extension might be damaged + fix button

for some time now the extension gets automatically disabled by chrome saying "it might be damaged" and a button to "fix extension" next to it. Once pressed something reloads and all works fine. Any idea what that might be?

Quentin Crumbach

Jul 8, 2019

Dribbble content

Dribbble feed is stuck with the same shots page since 2 weeks


Jun 30, 2019

this extension is not working in chrome

plz fix it

Barry Madden

Jun 20, 2019

Not loading in Canary

Just a blank page on Canary Version 77.0.3829.0 (Official Build) (64-bit) also the website app doesn't load either. Help!

Brian Colcord

Feb 13, 2019

bookmark issues

2 things.

1. I can't see all my bookmarks in the extension, maybe 15 total? but i have over 100 at least. i can see them on the website.

2. On the web (and on the extension in the past) not all my bookmarks will load... it'll load like the first 40 or so and then just blank cards.

Marcs Wilkinson

Nov 14, 2018

Verification email

Hi, I'm being asked a whole bunch to confirm my account via an email. I got that email in June and followed the links, but no bueno.
Let me know the best course of action here!

Elvin Shrestha

Aug 17, 2018

Focus mode

Focus mode gets active only for current tab. When another new tab is opened, it shows the Panda home page.
Suggestion: When focus mode is on, it should affect every tabs.

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