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olivier Dulac

Mar 3, 2021

size (normal and cache, and total) vary greatly when clicking disable cache

When on a site I try to see the info, I see for ex: 12mb total : 4mb + 8mb cached
Then I click "disable cache" and the total is now: 4mn : 3mb + 1mb cached
It seems something is wrong (cached elements are not reported correctly? counted multiple times? or other miscalculations). You may contact me for additionnal exemples/details

Christophe PERETOU

Jul 10, 2019

Log of metrics

Hello Tomi, nice product.
Is there any way to save data to a file regarding pages monitored to constitute a database of cache effectiveness and performance?
Best regards


Tomi Mickelsson

Dec 17, 2016


Author here testing this support form...

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