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Use page ruler to measure page elements size in pixel with easy to use ruler.

😉 Hey there, curious minds! 🌟 Ever wished you had a magic online ruler for your web pages to measure pixels on them? ✨ 📏 Well, guess what? Meet Page Ruler, your trusty sidekick in the world of measuring pages! 🚀 What's the Buzz About? Page Ruler is not your average extension; it's like having a superpower right in your browser! With just a click of a button, you can measure stuff on your screen (ex.: measure an image on a div element. 🖱️ Want to know how wide that adorable cat picture is? Or how tall that cool gaming banner is? Page Ruler's got your back. 💡Key shortcuts: 1. Use Escape to disable extension 2. Use Arrow UP to move up on 1 pixel 3. Use Arrow DOWN to move down on 1 pixel 4. Use Arrow LEFT to move left on 1 pixel 5. Use Arrow RIGHT to move right on 1 pixel 🥧 Using measuring ruler is as easy as eating pie 🥧 (and who doesn't love pie?). Click on the action button, and voila! You've got the dimensions of any object on your screen. No complicated mumbo-jumbo here, folks! Just pure, simple measuring magic. ✨ Grid View Galore 📊 Oh, and here's the cherry on top: pixel ruler comes with a super handy grid view! It's like having a neat little graph paper overlaying your page, making measuring a breeze. No more squinting and guessing. Just precise measurements, every single time. 😉 So, What Are You Waiting For? Ready to dive into the world of easy measuring and automatic refreshing? Download Page Ruler now and join the ranks of web wizards! 🌐 Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your online adventures, Page Ruler is your go-to tool for making web browsing a breeze. Go ahead, give it a whirl! Your web pages will thank you. ✨ The app is a lightweight add-on compatible with multiple browsers, designed to help you measure distances within webpages effortlessly. As you navigate through a webpage, simply hover your mouse, and voila! A rectangular ruler appears, complete with width, height, start, and end points, all neatly labeled in pixels. 📏 With every movement of your mouse, the rectangle adjusts its size, updating all numerical values in real-time. To activate the add-on, just click the toolbar button once. And if you ever need to disable it, a single click on the toolbar button will do the trick. For those using touch-enabled devices, fear not! You can still utilize ruler by dragging the rectangle directly on the page. 🖱️ 🎨 Getting started with page online ruler is a breeze! Simply visit the webpage you wish to measure, then click the toolbar button to activate the add-on. Once activated, you'll notice a uniform grid (50x50 pixels) overlaying the page, accompanied by a handy info bar in the top-left corner labeled "Ruler Mode" (it is disabled by default since 25.04.2024). Need to disable the add-on or remove the grid? Just press the toolbar button again. While the add-on is active, freely move your mouse within the page to draw the rectangle. From there, you can easily read the dimensions in pixels, including width, height, start, and end points. Plus, if fine adjustments are needed, you can tweak the endpoint using the keyboard's arrow keys. 🌟 Curious about diving into measuring page ruler's source code? You're in luck! Head over to the Chrome Web Store and grab the extension. With a simple click, you can download the source code in either ZIP or CRX format directly to your machine. And for Firefox users, don't fret! You can snag the source code by right-clicking on the "Add to Firefox" button and selecting "Save Link As..." Choose your destination folder, save the file as an XPI, then convert it to a RAR or ZIP format. While some extensions may have a GitHub repo, downloading from the official web stores ensures you always have the latest version. 🛠️ Ever wonder how PageRuler works its magic? This add-on operates solely on pure JavaScript codes, no third-party libraries required. Plus, it's compatible with all modern browsers across both mobile and desktop platforms, regardless of the operating system. 🌐Though Page Online Ruler offers precise measurements, it currently lacks the option to move the rectangle once it's drawn. However, you can easily adjust its size using either the keyboard or mouse. As for settings or options, Page Ruler keeps it simple—there are none to adjust, providing a straightforward user experience. ✨ And while Page Ruler is a handy tool, it's important to note that it only functions on webpages with content—no blank tabs, unfortunately! Should you need to revert a page to its original state, simply reload it. All changes made by the add-on will vanish upon reload, leaving your page as good as new. I am happy to answer your questions 😉 Thanks for using!

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Владимир БокаревMay 16, 2024

good, ty

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Артем КостеревMay 6, 2024

Really good one, helps me to measure elements on a web page


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