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Uday PratapMay 24, 2024

Hi man, Can you let me use the same Google Drive file for notes sync across Chrome profiles? I think I mistakenly set up sync using two different Google accounts of course, and now I'm stuck even after trying to reset sync, reinstall, etc. P.S. Reach out and I'll update the rating shortly.

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Manu GargDeveloperMay 24, 2024

What is it? Extortion? I'd have helped if you just filed a support issue, but I cannot encourage this extortion technique.

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Uday SarojApr 24, 2024

Saves the day, sometimes. Though, it would be great if the extension automatically pop-loaded page notes during a(ny no. of) URL revisit(s).

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Dev DhameleApr 21, 2024

Exactly what I needed. It works. I am using Opera GX but it's chromium based so Chrome extensions work in Opera GX too. I can save notes for any specific website. it does just the thing it said. Excellent. Even if you don't think you need it, You probably do. What I like the best about this is that I can sync this to Google Drive. Text barely takes any data.

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Veeresh DevireddyApr 11, 2024

It is failing again, without any errors and the valuable notes are getting lost instantly!! I request you to please do through testing, in all varieties of domains, sites, etc. and confirm. Just today, I tried to save some notes on this domain (, and got lost within seconds! I don't understand its rocket science here. Just store it in the local storage first, display later, and sync further. All other hacks (reset, reinstall, resync) not working.

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Manu GargDeveloperApr 11, 2024

Hi Veeresh, since you say again, I believe you're referring to your previous report: You filed that issue but never responded to my follow-up questions after that. That report was not clear and even this one is not. Regarding testing and it not being rocket science: a) I don't just release changes without testing. I try to test all possible scenarios but I cannot replicate user's environment so there may still be issues, b) There has not been a new release for a few months now so testing is irrelevant for whatever issue you're facing. I and many other users I know have been using this extension for 15+ years. I've never ever lost a note. I am not sure what is it that you're doing different, but I am happy to debug with you more if you're really interested. Just follow up on the issue mentioned above.

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ndogDec 28, 2023

hey @KempTastic, you're looking real silly about now (likely the norm for somebody so emotional), good solid app - everybody please disregard the 1 star review that frankly should be removed. Please report it future web surfer if you still see it - let's not scare away all the extension devs. We all play a role.

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Manu GargDeveloperJan 9, 2024

Thanks, Nicolas! Really appreciate the support. Indeed, "we all play a role".

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N DDec 8, 2023

A very useful extension. Thank you.

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Kemp TasticOct 6, 2023

Only looks at top level domain. Wanted to use this to take notes on eBay listings but despite making multiple notes on separate listing pages, the extension only looked at "" so all my notes overwrote each other and despite taking at least 30+ notes, I only have 1 currently visible to me. Colossal waste of my time and effort. Feel scammed out of my time.

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Replier's profile picture

Manu GargDeveloperOct 6, 2023

Kemp, I get it that you're angry and frustrated and I feel bad for you, but I think you missed the 'Apply to all pages of this site' checkbox while entering your notes. If that was not the case, can you please file a support issue.

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Owen JohnsonJul 21, 2023

Simple, easy, and utilitarian. Exactly what I was looking for.

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Kelly PetersonMay 22, 2023

This is amazing! It's nothing fancy, but it's super helpful and much needed! It's extremely simple to set up and use. There is another Notes Extension for Chrome that has more ratings and it says that it's the only extension that can take notes on a page without needing a pop up window - NOT TRUE! This one does not need a pop up window!!!! Highly recommended!!

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Manu GargDeveloperJun 18, 2023

Thank you so much for the kind words, Kelly! Such feedback and dedicated user base is what keeps us going.

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ScarletApr 5, 2023

Hello, I just want to thank the person who made this. I was thinking just now how useful an extension like that could be, searched it up and here it is, so thank you!

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Replier's profile picture

Manu GargDeveloperMay 18, 2023

@Scarlet, thanks for the feedback. Feedback helps a lot in keeping us going.

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