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RAJA Kalirajan

May 23, 2024

What it is saying? 0.20 means 2 seconds or 0.20 milliseconds?

Give some more idea about the means of the value

Go Studio

Jun 23, 2023

Turn the thing off?

How do you turn this thing off after giving permissions to a specific site?

Julia van Leeuwen

Mar 13, 2023

not showing in toolbar

The pageload times are not displaying in the toolbar..... plugin out of date?

alex litvinsky

Aug 1, 2021

ttimer shows only one time

I tried the tool. But it shows only one time. If you navigate to a different page it is not shown any more.

Sonali Mittal

Feb 17, 2021

Dump the timings info

Is there a way I can dump the timings information in some file?

Szabo Istvan

Nov 11, 2020


Since the new update all the values are blank...

David Sots

Apr 11, 2020

Make the same add-on for Firefox

Hello, I love your plugin. Could you make it for firefox too?
Thank you very much!

Sussie Petersen Leece

Mar 26, 2020


Hi There

Do you have the T&Cs you can send to me (or a link to your T&Cs?)

Thanks in advance.


Michael Kaczmarek

Dec 13, 2019

Can I make this work for my mobile android device?

Can I make this work for my mobile android device?

Vitor Barata

Dec 12, 2019


what's DOM?

Google apps