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OWASP Penetration Testing Kit

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Nam Võ

Oct 3, 2023

Could not decode image: 'icon.png'

I cannot install this extension.
Description of error: Could not decode image: 'icon.png'

Dan Ramirez

Dec 5, 2022

no funciona

para nada funciona

สาหร่าย มุ่งโนนบ่อ

Aug 13, 2021



Billium Quando

Jan 29, 2021

how do i turn on tab capturing?

i went to the chrome settings for the extension and i turned on stuff and looked to see if it worked but it didn't how can i turn on tab capturing?

Ancy Susan Mathews

Feb 27, 2020

Unable to see export option

Unable to export or download the HAR file

Google apps