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Jeremy Harkcom

Nov 23, 2022

Can this be modified to show seconds

Hi , took me a while to figure out how to use this as it doesn't work within the google chrome web store, as soon as I tried a different webpage up pops the clock. Just mentioning this in case others are fooled too.
It works great - thank you just what I was looking for.
Anyway reason for the suggestion. Would it be possible to add seconds to this clock. Very useful if your watching a continously updating webpage and want some record of the exact time events occur at. Thanks

Jerzy Potocki

Oct 23, 2020

It would be great to have an option to blacklist some addresses

I would love to have the option to hide the overlay clock on some websites (for example those that already show their own clock, such as, can you make it to Options?

Harminder Singh

Jun 8, 2020

Does not display

It simply does not show up anywhere on the screen.

n ascentt

Dec 3, 2018

support for file:// urls

great extension, exactly what I wanted. however it doesn't support file:// local sites which I need to use a lot. any chance you can add support, even if it's an option?


Nov 8, 2018

Unfamiliar with font types

Which system did you use to recognize a font family? The font type strikes to the default setting, regardless of what I have attempted to replace the font family with.

Jonathan L

May 14, 2018

Please add date

Love this, thank you!
Please add date option

Clint Wrede

Apr 11, 2018

Friendly suggestions

What a great app! Do you have a tip jar/Paypal somewhere?

Beggars (i.e., freeloaders like me) can't be choosers, but if I could, I would add these handy features:

1) An option to display the date, either with or without the time, in a variety of date formats. Putting them on two separate lines would be great, but an option to choose which is on top would be cool. For me, the same set of appearance settings (colors, size, etc.) could apply to both lines.

2) The ability to move the overlay to the other corners of the window. Click-and-drag would be sweet, but moving it via a setting would be just fine.

Thanks for contributing this app,

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 28, 2017

Timer Option

It would be great if I could use this app to set a countdown timer, I'm always switching between a timer and a calming background for transition times in my classroom.

Saurabh Joshi

Mar 21, 2017

World Clock

It would be a great clock if we could get chance to select the different time zones.

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 3, 2016

Clock position

It's a GOOD clock, but it would be a GREAT clock if we could choose the position. Far too many times, I have to go into the Extension menu, disable Overlay Clock, refresh the page I'm on, just to be able to close the page or a layer. That reduces Overlay Clock from a productive tool to an annoying encumbrance. The additional option of being able to choose which corner the clock appears in would make this a 5-star extension.

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