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Feb 21, 2024

Annoying notifications 👺

HOW TO TURN OFF these annoying f*$#ing NOTIFICATIONS??

> "Hi! It's been a while since your last focus session. Let's do one now?
> Start Focus Not now"


Dec 8, 2023

Sound is not working

Is anyone else is having this problem?

Kevin Schultz

Aug 17, 2023

Homesite Login

Enabling Otto extension causes Homesite insurance web site login to fail.

I realize the likelihood of you troubleshooting this is low, but if anyone else sees this and cannot logon to Homesite insurance, disable Otto extension and all is well.

Rebecca Ismael

Aug 6, 2023


Hello is there a way for the window of otto to stay open even if you click on a tab please

Wim Eats World

Jan 2, 2023

Extension usage


Just installed the app and I like the gamification with hitting blocked sites like fb & yt.

Where can I find the blocked setting? YT top level domain is a time waster, but I'd like to whitelist specific YT videos that are useful.

Is there a way to hide the timer, so I just have the icon in the extension bar? It's pretty distracting with the 2 different timers counting down and switching every half a second or so.

The pro's are outweighing the cons (so far) so this is just to improve the experience.


Brien “Grogsden” Zee

Apr 12, 2022

Is this still being developed?

I see last update was 2021, are you still developing this app? I'm looking to purchase a pro license but a lot of the features still say "soon". Thank you

Fábio Jaburu

Mar 15, 2022

same problem as others

focus and break get flipped. dev abandoned this?

Володимир Афанасьєв

Feb 13, 2022

Timers switching issue

After I switched for a break, I went to see my usage stats, and when I went back, the timer stuck in switching with focus and break mode, and the countdown worked as well. After finishing the break, the timer switched to another focus timer, so stuck between two focus timers.

Gary Ward

Jan 12, 2022

If you press stop in the break it mixes up the break and work timer

If I have for example a 20 min work and 5 min break, and then during the break I press the stop button, once I then start again it will start with a break for 20 mins, mixing up the times for work and break.


Dec 23, 2021

Requesting a crucial feature

There is a crucial concept that is tightly coupled with Pomodoro technique. That is, the number of session when there will be a long break. Your extension lacks this crucial feature and it is a deal breaker to me. All other free apps have it, why not yours too?.

If you still didn't get what this feature is about. Let me explain:

There will be an input of the session duration. and an input of the short break. and an input of the long break. The long break will happen only after you hit the number of desired session, that number is how many session you would like to give a certain task. And that's it! I hope you get it.

Let not forget to give you a huge shoutout for your efforts. You extension is totally worth it and the efforts you put on it are amazing. Having this feature will make it complete!

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