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Otto - A productivity tool for focus

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Pomodoro timer, website blocker, tasks and workflows to help you become more productive

Otto — Be mindful while working✨ A Pomodoro timer and website blocker to help you stay focused and be more productive. Otto is a unique take on Pomodoro timers. It introduces a point-based reward system to make work a bit more fun and also to remind you every action has a price. How does it work?⭐ Otto is your digital tamagotchi and you need to look after it. Every time you visit a site that's in the block list while the work timer is on, Otto's health depletes. So, keep an eye on the health meter. If it hits zero, well... To Regain health, stay away from blocked sites, and complete one work session. Otto loves to workout so don't make him miss it! Features⭐ - Work/Break timer - Block websites - Point-based reward system - Tasks (1 task, 15 min duration) - Workflows (1 workflow) - Insights (Basic, working on advance insights) - Notifications - Break mode (websites are unblocked during a Pomodoro break) - Sounds Pro features - Create and manage unlimited tasks - Sequence task mode - Takedown task mode (soon) - Advanced Insights (Web usage and weekly usage) - Create unlimited workflows - Workflow - Autoblock websites - Workflow - Autostart - Shortcuts (soon) - templates (soon) and more... Work/Break timer⭐ Starting the timer creates a work session and a break session. The duration is up to you but the idea duration is 25 minutes for work and 5 minutes for a break. If you are focused while working, you'll hear a chime at the end of the session to remind you to take a break. You'll also hear a chime when your break ends so be ready to go back to work. Autoblock Websites⭐ You can now autoblock sites based on the amount of time you spend on them. After the specified duration is completed Otto will block the site automatically. To view the website again, go to the Settings -> Autoblock section and click on "unblock" to reset autoblock so that the site will be auto blocked all over again. How to use Autoblock?⭐ Go to the settings tab in otto and in the "Auto block" section add a new rule and then click on "Block". If you want to add a new site to the autoblock list, click on "New+" or go to the blocklist tab and add it over there. Auto block is on by default but won't work if there aren't any websites in the list. Auto block can be turned on/off in the settings. On the free tier, you can only block 1 site. What about Data collection? ⭐ No browser data is sent to a third party or me. As for the insights feature, the data will be stored in the local storage of your browser. To improve the product, I'm tracking events and page views in google analytics. This will be optional soon, I'll be working on adding a button to turn it off :) Data that's being collected via google analytics - how long people use the extension - the number of daily/weekly/monthly users - what part of the UI is most active (via GA events) Websites you visit or browse will not be sent to me or any 3rd party application. At the moment there is no code that collects your website history, but advanced insights is a new feature that I'm working on and it'll will collect data on how long you spend on websites and what websites you visit. These are stored only in your computer and no where else. Got questions? Bug reports? Email me at ✌️

4.5 out of 5165 ratings

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Louise du ToitMay 25, 2024

Very nice to use. Would have liked more customization like colors and study goals maybe but over all still very effective and love using it :) The yellow guy doesn't have a face but that will probably get fixed... hopefully. I understand that there is an Otto Pro which mights have more options but the free Otto timer only goes up to 59 minutes which is sometimes irritating. Still great experience

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Junk WarriorApr 20, 2024

This extension is fantastic, boasting a user-friendly interface and strong appeal. While it's generally smooth sailing, I've noticed occasional glitches like the yellow task guy's missing face. One suggestion for improvement would be to introduce a long break feature, rewarding users with extended break times after completing every five sessions. This addition would further enhance its utility and user experience.

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pinecone xoxoMar 31, 2024

It is indeed a very helpful extension to add, but I wish there were clearer details on why some things are the way they are. I do not understand why the graph shows me that I focused for 13 minutes when I did for 50 minutes, and I do not know how Otto's health goes back up. Those are just some things that I do not understand and cannot seem to find anything helpful about them on their website. Also, I really wish they remove the time limit set, I cannot set the timer for more than 90 minutes.... Show more


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