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Dustin Moore

Jan 30, 2024

Whitelist All IP's Disabled


Just curious why the Whitelist All IP's button is disabled in network access? Really useful tool when sharing scratch orgs with others on the team when we have limitations on the number of users in those orgs.


Sep 20, 2023

Causes Chrome to crash

Recently, extension has been causing chrome to lag then crash. I have to deactivate the extension and refresh tabs where it was active, then clear error logs. Error message states "Uncaught Error: Extension context invalidated."

Lisa-Jane Harvey

Sep 17, 2023


Hi there

I need to get this approved by our CISO, do you have an security documentation I can provide? LJ

Sushma Kadari

May 31, 2023

Blocked by Admin

i want to get this Extension , but it is blocked by Admin

Wasim Raja Shaikh

Feb 6, 2023

Security Review

I am trying to do the assessment on this tool considering the data security in big picture. Have you done the security review on this extension which will justify to whitelist this extension in chrome.


Jan 5, 2023

API Endpoint version used?

As you may know Salesforce is soon ending support/functionality for API versions 30 and below. Can you confirm if your extension uses the SFDC API and if so what endpoint version you are using? Thank you.

Артем Меренков

Dec 21, 2022

Flow URL is incorrect

When you press Ctrl+Shift+Space and type "Flow", then go to Process Automation > Flows you will end up in "Page not found" page as URL is "lightning/setup/Flows/home". It should be "lightning/setup/InteractionProcesses/home"

Prentiss Jones

Dec 11, 2022

Transfer License?

Can't find it in documentation!

Danilo Rito

Oct 13, 2022

[INVALID_SESSION_ID] Session expired or invalid

Whenever I try to "login as..." another user in any of the Salesforce Orgs I'm using, after searching for the username this message shows and I can't do anything else. I tried removing and adding the extension again, restarting the browser, the error is still there. Thank you!

Lucas Felman

Sep 19, 2022


The URLs changed for Sandboxes. Can you tell he how to update organizer so it will work in Sandboxes now.

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