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Scott Ashley Simpson

Dec 17, 2023

Doesn't even download

Won't download to android tab. Taking back to store as daughter is severely dyslexic and was told it worked on android tab

Marsha Hall

Sep 28, 2023

Not working on all sites

Not compatible with It works really well for google and articles, but we're trying to use this mainly on shipstation. Is there something that is blocking the extension from working on all sites?


Aug 31, 2023

Activating my extension

I need to activate my extension but its downloaded on my computer but when I click on the extension it says "not assigned" when I drag and drop the zip file I downloaded from it is not able to upload on the settings page. What must I do to make this extension start? Please and thank you


Jul 27, 2023

Nothing is working anymore!

i have a Big problem
the Font on ALL websites are not working anymore!
i only works once and you have to keep refreshing it to make it work!

its hurting my eyes not to have it on i hope this gets fixed soon


Jul 21, 2023

google material icons css support missing?

On this example page: there is a left side menu, which shows text instead of icons while using the extension.
An example element is the menu hider icon on the bottom of the left column:
<span class="material-icons devsite-book-nav-toggle-icon"></span>
which has the following css:
.material-icons { font-family: 'Material Icons';
but now, it is overriden by the extension.
Could you please add support to the ? Or is this project open source on a git where i can make a pull request?

Lesley Marriott

Sep 19, 2022

Not Working?

Hi there,
I downloaded this for my laptop after loving it with my Libby app. I have played with the options in the extension but it isn't working at all. From the other comments it looks like this may be an ongoing issue. Is there a possible eta as to when this will be fixed?
Thank you for your hard work.

Jesse Hawford

Sep 15, 2022

Not Working

Hi All,

The extension does not seem to be working for me.

Katrina De Marco

Sep 9, 2022

Stopped Working

I've tried countless ways to get the extension to work but it isn't working any longer.


Sep 9, 2022

it stopped working for some reason for me today

it just doesn't do anything at all now

Marie Andersson Stackbom

Aug 12, 2022

Still not working in Google Drive ( docs, etc.)

Please fix it so it does!

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