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Massimo Martin

Oct 10, 2018

Not integratet in ASANA

Is it possible to have an integration opening it from ASANA, last version?

slm m-g

Jan 19, 2017

When will this be fixed?

Notice that the issue of 'not working with new version of Asana' has been going since early 2016. I was not aware of the issue until I also got the plug-in, and it does not seem to work. When will it be fixed? If not soon, then you should stop promoting it.

Ricardo Gonzalez

Sep 16, 2015

Not working

Installation error: SERVER_CERT_PROBLEM

Paolo Tomassini

Sep 8, 2015

Not working

It doesn't appear! :-(

Christopher Noon

Jul 6, 2015

Same as others

Sadly I also can't get this to work with the current version of Asana :(

Jaime Blanco Landau

Jun 17, 2015

Not working with the version on ASANA

Link does not show now with the version of ASANA.
Please, fix it.

Erica Dyson

May 2, 2015

Link not working

Can't get this to work consistently.

Joseph Mann

Apr 20, 2015

No icon

I'll just add my issue to the list. I suspect that Asana's redesign/updates prior to 2015 broke the plug-in.

Pascal Zweipfenning

Apr 2, 2015

Icon not visible

Have activated Instagantt but do not see the icon in Asana

Ben Klein

Mar 26, 2015

no icon

I use Chrome (latest version) and cant see any icon. cache already deleted

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