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Lohit Krishnan

Apr 1, 2020

Feature-request : Deleting files

For some testing purposes - I need to delete some files from existing (say) excel file and check if the resulting file still works with Microsoft Office.

Request you to add the feature of deleting some files.

Krishna Gupta

Apr 8, 2019

Issue OPening the Word, PPT or Excel file in the browser

I dragged the file in the browser , but it failed to open . Kindly let me know what is the fix .
My Chrome version is :
Version 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit)

John Korchok

Aug 11, 2018

Incorrect compression of EMF files

Using OOXML Tools in Chrome on macOS, I edited a PowerPoint file that had linked Excel files. Each of the Excel links has a corresponding preview contained in ppt/media. After saving and downloading the revised file, the EMF previews no longer display in PowerPoint. When I try to unzip the file in Windows, I get an error for each EMF: "Error: Invalid compressed data to expand (inflate) the file." OOXML Tools is not recompressing the EMFs correctly.

A Chrome Web Store user

May 28, 2018


ooxml is not working.. T-T


KimSia Sim

Sep 21, 2017

fail with logo media/image1.wmf

when i upload a microsoft word doc that contains a logo

the ooxml works such that there is a media/image1.wmf which when i download again the image fails to show up.

Please see if you can replicate this issue

Farnaz Hussain

Dec 14, 2015

How to use ooxml tool

I have added extension to chrome .but not use it.
Can you please explain open the tool..

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