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Online Seafood Explorer offers their Online Seafood Explorer as it brings a vast variety of the most delectable and fresh seafood across U.S.A. right to your table. Being a pioneer in home seafood delivery, Crab Dynasty is an online seafood store that offers fresh seafood delivered right to your door! From Maryland steamed blue crabs to their lip-smacking Maryland lump crab cakes – Crab Dynasty has it all. Crab Dynasty is nationally known for providing some of the best seafood available. The Online Seafood Explorer welcomes you to a seafood paradise. With over 100 seafood items to choose from, get your hands on the highest quality of seafood all in the convenience of your home. All fresh seafood is domestically caught from the world-famous Chesapeake Bay, the Gulf, and the Atlantic Ocean –the best coastal regions of the world. All seafood is packed and shipped in special freshness containers to arrive to your doorstep. Get Ready for Some Real Seafood Why go elsewhere when you have the Crab Dynasty Online Seafood Explorer just clicks away from fresh seafood! The difference that you experience when seafood shopping online from Crab Dynasty vs. the local grocery store comes down to a matter of freshness and quality. You cannot expect a higher level of freshness and quality than found at Crab Dynasty, because they are the source. In other words, they cutout the “middle man” and delivery directly to the destination – that is your home. To top it all off, understanding the perishable nature of delicate seafood, topmost priority is given to the fastest delivery of seafood items. Each piece of seafood is carefully hand-inspected and packed to ensure only the best is shipped. This helps you in consuming only the freshest seafood when it reaches your table. Crab Dynasty Supplies Seafood to All 50 States Being a nation-wide wholesaler of various kinds of seafood, Crab Dynasty ensures supplying all the major markets in the USA with fresh seafood – coast to coast. To top it all, with the help of the outstanding customer care service offered by Crab Dynasty, you can expect a user-friendly online shopping experience, while accessing a range of seafood options. The convenient online ordering system offered by Crab Dynasty allows the customer to select a scheduled date for delivery, so you can plan ahead for that special occasion. Enjoy seamless seafood delivery services from the Online Seafood Explorer!

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