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Ronnie Campagna

May 19, 2024

opening a new tab every time ...

if when you click on a bookmark link in your app the link opened in a NEW tab then this app would be perfect.... however.... the way it is now when you click on a bookmark it opens in the same tab...when you have to click back to your bookmarks...and this is very cumbersome and annoying ..and for this reason i have to pass giving it a positive review as it is not functional in a practical sense .... unless you just want to stare at the bookmarks tree.

Robert Sterbal

Jun 5, 2023

Open bookmark manager

It is much nicer to navigate to the bookmark folder in your extension. It would be nice to have a way to open the actual bookmark manager from that point.

--Robert Sterbal

billydanielcom chr-istcom

Jan 29, 2023

Wasted Space on right as a side panel

Thanks for your extension -I've used it for a wile.
Wasted Space on right as a side panel.
There is nothing in the panel -except 3 dots . . .
Screen space is always at a premium.
Is there any sort of way to remove it?
It is visible in the Chrome Web Store ext page
Please inform
Again Thanks

parvez al mamun

Jan 17, 2023

update the apps

to add the recovery of the system when it unfortionaly delete the bookmarks

billydanielcom chr-istcom

Jun 2, 2022

local files

Thanks, the extension it's great -I find it very useful -U know what happens when U do a good job -they give U another....

Any way to copy & paste links to local files?
I use chrome bookmark manager folder links to leave the folder in one place wile using copied links for priority, status, etc -the links can be moved deleted with out bothering the bookmark folder -which may also be moved around and still found with same BkMrk links -U can even change names -the folders work by a specific tag that never changes.

Any way to allow links to open local files?
So you can open a specific folder in chrome bookmark manager.

The offline bookmark managers folder &or folders makes good, small kanban boards.

Again Thanks

Know any way to undo googles "improvement" of double spacing in the chrome bkMrkMngr? I think they work hardest at destroying themselves.

don ford

Jun 1, 2022

"new" version cannot find/display bookmarks

hello, your "new" version of this extension cannot/find or display my bookmarks.


Apr 24, 2022

Cannot use the bookmark manager as new tab page

I tried to set chrome-extension://mapbjomepcjikhdlcpipcpkeembagldp/tab.html to my new tab page using this extension:
but it open a blank page saying "Blocked by Brave". It doesn't work with any new tab page extension I tested, so I guess the problem is a permission on this extension. I found this:
Can this please be addressed, so I can use this great extension as new tab page please? Maybe adding this function, so I don't even need another extension to set this up? Would be very nice.

Frances Cherman

Apr 13, 2021

Link to instructions page is broken

Clicking the "info" button creates a popup, but the content is a broken link. Instruction are needed.

Johnny Rico

Dec 11, 2020

"open links in folders" doesn't always work for me

The right click option on folders > "open links in folders" doesn't work for me on some folders...Sometimes all the tabs are opened, sometimes not at all.

Great extension overall except this issue !

Cambio Ahora YA

Jun 19, 2020

Upgrade suggestion

Bulk rename, join folders with the same name, auto tag... :-)

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