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Diana Cluck

May 16, 2024

I currently have 2 one tabs

I have 2 onetabs in my right click menu. Only one works. How do I remove the nonworking one without messing up my working one?

Nathan Wright

May 15, 2024

Lost Tabs


My computer recently crashed and I had to replace my hard drive.

As such, I lost all of my OneTabs.

It is still the same device technically but essentially a different device with the new hard drive.

Is there any way to recover my lost tabs?


Ala Hadji

May 1, 2024

option to remove itself from browser right click menu

i have removed every app that allows me to remove it from right click menu. i would appreciate if you gave us the option to remove yours as well. it's just clutter. i have the app pinned up top. don't need it in right click area.

Miguel Ortiz

Apr 29, 2024

Causes Crome to Crash


Every time I click the one-tab extension from my pinned list, it crashes Chrome. I had to remove/re-install, and that didn't solve the problem so now I've lost all my existing tabs.

Any ideas?


Apr 23, 2024

Onetab closes out next tab that I want open

When I have a few of my tabs opened, and when I am done with one tab and close it out, it closes out the next tab that I wanted still open. Its been doing this for weeks. Where is the fix for this? Never did it before. It's 2/1/2024 and it's doing it again. It will work as intended fine for months then it will do what I wrote above. I don't understand it, I've had this extension for years


Apr 22, 2024


Chrome:版本 124.0.6367.60(正式版本) (64 位)
cpu:amd ryzen5 4500 6-core
当我的标签总数为:"总计:9745个标签页" 时,我使用OneTab会看感觉到明显的卡顿,卡顿时间10s~1min不等,不管是讲标签添加到OneTab还是从OneTab中提取标签都是如此,体验感相当糟糕,如果说造成这一切的原因是收藏标签过多,那我希望能增加一个功能,用来讲OneTab中的标签添加到浏览器收藏夹,或者它自己添加一个收藏夹功能


Apr 22, 2024

Youtube tabs not saveing

When I click to save open tabs in OneTab, non the youtube tabs get saved. Is there a fix for that?
I would like to save youtube open pages in onetab. Thank you

David R

Apr 7, 2024

One Tab does not work

Good afternoon,

I have been struggling with One Tab. It either just sits there with cycling dots, or crashes.

Very frustrated. Is there anyway I can extract my data?


Ryan Hartigan

Apr 4, 2024

Arc Browser Support

Looks like the app is not working properly in Arc Browser. It doesn't pull in all tabs just the currently open one

Andrew Miller

Mar 27, 2024

Is there any way to ever receive a response from any of your team? Literally no one has responded, and I have tried every possible channel and method of getting some form of contact. Terrible.

How does one get any support?

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