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marjorie bird

Apr 28, 2020

to set up

i don,t kmow how to do any of this. and all i need is one pass word for everything, i don,t need to make other ones or you keep the past words AND IF I FOR GET THERES A NUMBER I CAN CALL TO FIND OUT WHAT THEY ARE. I COULD USE SOME HELP O N THIS

Raymond Martinez (Everlasting)

Jan 12, 2020


how much does it work on Chromebooks

Jane Obernesser

Oct 27, 2018

forgetting the one password

My husband, who got frustrated with all the passwords we have to remember, decided to do the one pass thing, described by his brother as a great tool. Unfortunately , he has forgotten the password and now can't remember any of the other passwords either . How can he get in contact with someone who can help him? Is there a phone number he can call to talk to someone?

Mark Ratcliffe

Apr 24, 2018


I heard one pass recommended on GOG Podcast. I have gone to your website and it directs me back to here (google Webstore). All I can see is recommedations for password managers OTHER than onepass. How do I install onepass please ?

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