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Andrew C

May 8, 2024

Some clips are low res

Is there a size limit on the data that is clipped? Sometimes I find that webpages I've clipped are "low res" to the point where I cannot read text but other websites seem ok. Re-clipping the same webpage doesn't seem to help. Is it possible to fix this somehow?

Steve Dennis

Apr 27, 2024

Default location can't be changed

Sections in dropdown menu can't be selected in the latest version of Chrome on Macbook running latest OS.

Frank B

Apr 17, 2024

onenote clipper is not working in chrome except for bookmarks - please fix

extension gags on creating a preview - will only create a bookmark
worked up to about 2-3 weeks ago - now it basically useless

jean francois Demaret

Apr 17, 2024

dysfonctionnement onenote webclipper

message désolé nous ne pouvons capturer la page au nivea de chrome
de meme pour edge

Sean James

Apr 16, 2024

OneNote extension is no longer clipping the full page or article

Full page error message: No content found. Try another clipping mode.
Article error message: Something went wrong creating the preview. Try again, or choose a different clipping mode.
Region: Works, but is buggy and only allows selection of visible content (cannot scroll down to capture all content)
Chrome version: 123.0.6312.123 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Toto Shamani

Apr 15, 2024

Not working anymore in latest chrome 123.0.6312.123 and egde 123.0.2420.97

not working anymore except clip as bookmark.

Robert Snow

Apr 14, 2024

Image with link

some images have a link within them. Can OneNote Web clipper still have the link and the image together after the clip and paste into OneNote?

Steve Dennis

Apr 12, 2024

Not working in Chrome

Not working in Chrome, latest version as of 13/4/24

Wei Chung

Apr 11, 2024


最近一直出現這些字眼然後無法剪輯 請問還有什麼方式可以剪輯嗎?

Daniel Shown

Apr 11, 2024

getting multiple 404 and 503 from clipper.js

When I try to clip anything I'm getting multiple 404 and 503 responses when clipper.js tries to access various assets at and
This happens when trying to clip a whole page or an Article. I can capture the screen or create a bookmark. Selecting text and only clipping a selection also seems to work. Overall, this reduces my flow significantly. Anything I can do to help, I'm happy to.

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