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Alexandru Pintilie

Sep 23, 2023

OneNote telefon

Am o pagina de pe OneNote care nu a putut fi sincronizata complet - imi spune telefonul. Imi sugereaza ca ar trebui sa deschid cu OneNote Online pentru a vizualiza si rezolva conflictele de pe nu stiu cum sa fac asta. Ma puteti ajuta?

Solomou 57 Solomou

Sep 18, 2023


O Eκτυπωτής HP δεν τυπώνει

Julian Forsyth

Jul 11, 2023

unable to load office

I am unable to load office apps to HP Chromebook - playstore says new chromebook is not compatible

Jadon Record

Jul 4, 2023

Poor Pen Support

I am using an HP Chromebook tablet with a pen. The pen does not work natively as a pen. It is a pain, since the Chromebook is meant to be a note taking device.

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