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Add support to the omnibox to search in Google Drive.

Type "drive" in your omnibox, press <space> and look for something in your Google Drive. Note: if you'd like this experience to be part of Google Chrome, go to and star it. ------------------------------------------------ Changelog: 3.6: - Adapt folder URL to link to personal Google Drive (thanks to MartinLichtblau) 3.5: - Increased delay before actually asking Google Drive 3.4: - Add delay before actually asking Google Drive 3.3: - Suggested results for non-Google documents thanks to bkennelly 3.2: - Added new keywords: + "new doc" opens + "new sheet" opens + "new slide" opens + "new drawing" opens + "new form" opens 3.1: - Added Log in message when user is not logged in yet. 3: (chrome 29 required) - Switched to chrome.identity to improve permission flow - Removed permissions that were not needed anymore 2: - Do not consume memory when it's doing nothing thanks to Event pages. - Do not ask for Google authentication when it's not needed. 1.2.1: - Cleaned up some code. This extension is Open Source. For full details, go to

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    18 апреля 2016 г.
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