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David Esteban

Jun 6, 2024

La extension no esta funcionando

la extension no esta funcionando cada que intento entrar al sitio se pone blanco aparece el miggrate token y nunca carga.

Dan R

Mar 20, 2024

Does not allow me to log into Twitter

Have been unable to log into Twitter via the browser, so tried this and still getting "oops, something went wrong" message when I click to sign in. Same problem via this extension.


Jan 14, 2024

twitter spaces

please add a way to see twitter spaces that are currently live

Beatriz Lins

Nov 14, 2023

extensão não carrega

quando adiciono a extensão ao chrome o site do twitter simplesmente não carrega mais. alguém mais com esse problema? como posso arrumar?

Michael Culver

Oct 25, 2023

Changing page layout

I have a desktop monitor 16:9. 1) Can the navbar be relocated to the side using all vertical space for tweets? 2) When a tweet takes more vertical space than available on screen, the visible part is the bottom of the tweet? Can this be changed to show the top of the tweet visible by default? 3) Why not use J/K for next/previous tweet?


Oct 18, 2023

Text contrast blends in with dark mode (Brave)

I switched to Brave to avoid Youtube's anti-adblock popup and when I started to use Old Twitter on said browser, I noticed the text contrast was too dark and it blends in with dark mode. I don't know how to change the color of the text so its readable without highlighting it.

x Hades Stamps

Oct 15, 2023

Eliminate Functionality Loss

Apply the ?newtwitter=true tag automatically to all pages that don't work with the old layout, specifically communities and explore. While I don't care about these features all that much, I would still appreciate the ability to easily use them on the rare occasion that I want to do so.

Jack Archer

Sep 17, 2023

Replies tab not showing properly

Ever since the latest update, the replies tab on people's profiles aren't showing up. Usually this error comes up: "The following features cannot be null: rweb_lists_timeline_redesign_enabled"

Colin Lugia

Sep 14, 2023

Profile View Issue

Been unable to view my profile's tweets. Works for other profiles, but mine keeps giving "TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ’legacy’)"


Sep 13, 2023


colours go default on homepage, lots of "loading" on right hand side profile,
SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input.
Go to homepage. when i click on my profile, sometimes say's im not following anyone You're not following anyone so there's no tweets found! Change your timeline type to 'Algorithmical' in OldTwitter settings.

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