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Kimberly Blum

Apr 6, 2017

Chrome - keeps changing settings

Using Chrome. Whenever I change data or upload a file, the app keeps changing the Dim setting back to default.

RoseAngela Williams

Jun 9, 2016

(B)(I)(D) Tag in OGD

Please return the tag functionality for (B)(I)(D) feature.

All lists with any of these tags are not functioning as your description claims.

I depend on these for planning and managing my work more than most of the third party apps I use.

Please do not think that this feature is not considered a premiere feature because requests are not significantly obvious on this board. People migrate to alternate solutions until the feature returns. It will be worth your while.

What is the status?

Peta Jardine

Jun 10, 2015

Dim Cards with no points

Hi, I love this extension and I want to keep using it, but I am constantly having problems where I'll open a card on a board and when I close it the Dim Cards without storypoints option is enabled (even sometimes if it's showing unticked in the menu). Sometimes opening another card will turn it back off, but more often than not it just keeps happening and I have to keep going into the menu, enabling it and disabling it.

ZEEB Landtechnik

May 6, 2014

Colored cards Trello lists


I integrated your add on for Trello already and it is working good.

Could you please tell me how I can add the colored cards which are integrated on your screenshot for the add on. We want to use them to slip the lists in differnet sections(your example sprint 1, sprint 2 and ready to test).

Many thanks in advance!

Kind regards

Jerzy Potocki

Apr 1, 2014

Enter card, exit card and lose settings

I have:
- "Dim cards without storypoints" - disabled,
- "Show labels with '***titles***' as marker cards" enabled.

After I open a card and close it both are enabled. Clicking on some cards disable it again...

rfjacobs werk

Jan 15, 2014

(B)(I)(D) broken in OGD-extension after Trello update


Trello notified me today (15-1-2014) about teir new features in Trello. Since this update the (B)(I)(D)-option in the OGD-extension is not working any longer and rmains visible in the list titles.

Kind regards,
Richard Jacobs

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