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Louise Bennett

Feb 21, 2024

Assign a task to a user

I've installed the Chrome extension and it works fine, however I do not have the option to assign the task to a person, I have to login to and go through all the tasks to assign. Watching video tutorials of this, some people have the input to select a task owner. Why is this missing for me?

weijie liao

Aug 28, 2023


1.Do not support language other than English.
2.Can not press "Return" key to confirm a task and create another task smoothly.
3.Need to select Board every time rather than keep creating on same board.

Jacqui Davis

Aug 23, 2023


When I click the button login on - nothing happends

Richard Kaplan

Aug 20, 2023

"Login with" problem

Hi - after I install the extension when I choose "Login with" there is no response at all - what am I doing wrong?

Jon Stutfield

Jun 26, 2023

Missing boards

Offsite is only showing 12 boards. One of the missing boards is my main task board, so I can't use it at the moment. Clicking the refresh icon doesn't fix this.

Abbas Shabbir

Jun 10, 2023

Adding the task

when i add a task and click on create, its not shown in

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