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Nov 7, 2023

Ocean Hero name problem

I uh changed my name on ocean hero to uh a verse from "Super Bass" By: Niki Minaj, and I can't cange it because it to big, and it's crashing everyones computers

Jaqui Wan

Mar 30, 2021

Home page

When open a new tab on chrome I do not get to the home page but get a black screen and the following message. This started this afternoon. I have tried a number of things and it does not seem to work.

"There was a critical error. We were notified about the problem and we will try to fix it as soon as possible. Please try to refresh the page and if it does not help reinstall the extension."

alex singh

Dec 8, 2020

Adding it

I really like oceanhero but when I had it downladed I only got a marquis (something like that) browser and it wont let me install it again on the chrome app store thing.

Holland McCasland

Nov 20, 2020


my language was switched somehow without me switching it, can someone please help me switch it back to english

Hannah Wells

May 9, 2020

Closing Tabs

After I added OceanHero to Chrome, some of my tabs would randomly close without me clicking anything. I am not positive if OceanHero is the cause of this, but if so, could you please look into this so I can use OceanHero again?

jaida vowles

May 5, 2020


they should show this on t.v

robert vettese

May 4, 2020

all the animal need saving

people are stupid because plastic could be reused and it shouldn't be in the ocean i dont under stand why we are distroying the ocean they need help we all need to help them and we dont need money to do it we are realy distroying the world help them we need to make the world better this is my opinion thank you

jadah-xd 12

May 3, 2020

love animals

i love animals and seeing them die Everyday brakes my heart ,so i went to support

Kassondra Seney

May 3, 2020


how can i give you guys money?

Star Singleton

Apr 22, 2020

down loading

i just watched your ad, i want to help by using your iphone 7 shows no results.

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