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Bob BroekhuisMay 25, 2024

Awesome plugin, and might want to put the link to your wiki up front to link people the instructions to your SSL certificate. took me a while :P but i got it in the end. Wiki > Thank you for making this!

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Harry SlaughterMay 19, 2024

OMG, I love it. When I first installed the extension, I didn’t take the time to learn how to configure it, and the default behavior wasn’t what I was looking for. But I took a second pass at it and realized it’s far more powerful than the Evernote extension I’m replacing (#metoo). I’m a web developer, so I was comfortable configuring it, but I can see how it would be daunting to a layman. I was able to configure my own simple rule for saving the link and title to a custom note in my vault.... Show more

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Jason HawesMay 10, 2024

Neat idea. Poor execution. Will work once and then one successive tabs/browser instances it will never work again unless you remove everything and set up the API key again. This is on the latest version of the Local REST API and the latest version of the Web clipper I see on similar reviews the developer is telling people to read the forums but the forums are just the developer again asking if the people with the problems are sure things are set up correctly Yes, this is set up correctly, ... Show more

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Adam CoddingtonDeveloperMay 10, 2024

I'm afraid you're mistaken! Seeing such a behavior always means that you have either installed the certificate twice or have installed a certificate that's out-of-date. I understand that installing certificates is a little tricky if you aren't very technical, and you can feel free to use the "insecure mode" if the certificate installation process is too much for you.

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Rob GrayApr 17, 2024

Just get a black box, but promising

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D. VogtApr 14, 2024

It is a wonderfully reliable and a powerful asset! 10/10 It is so good, in fact, that I truly fear development may one day cease I am so attached to it! For the novice computer-user it may be a little clunky and involved to setup if you are impatient, however the documentation makes it easy. Just take it slow, do what it says exactly, and it will be a speedy install, and well worth your time. The app exceeds expectation. Obsidian Web takes the vanilla far-ahead of many commercial... Show more

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Kevin MooreMar 18, 2024

The documentation for getting this extension configured and working with Obisidian and the REST API were flawless. It does take just a bit of patience and effort to get setup, but the results are well worth the minor up front work.

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Vincent ChenMar 17, 2024

works like a charm after this latest update, thank you so much.

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Jake OdomMar 10, 2024

This is the only Obsidian clipper that is worth anything. Thank you very much for creating this. It's the only one that can capture the website without cluttering it with out of place html tags. This is very much an extension for power users as it requires the API, but that should not impact the score of this extension. Great work!

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Harry PotterFeb 29, 2024

Could not send content to Obsidian: (Error Code 50000) Internal Server Error request entity too large

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Adam CoddingtonDeveloperMar 6, 2024

This almost certainly means that you're using too-old of a version of Obsidian Local REST API. If you are still struggling, I recommend going to the actual support forum at

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Tom SmithFeb 26, 2024

I can't get it to work either. Added the api string. Restarted Chrome and Obsidian. Plugin can't connect.

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Adam CoddingtonDeveloperFeb 26, 2024

I recommend going to the actual support forum (which is linked from both the Chrome Web Store page as well as the extension itself but can be found here: to see if you can find help in rooting out whatever is misconfigured in your environment

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