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Todd King

Mar 11, 2018

Google Calendar

nyt_mod is EXACTLY what I need but it doesn't work on Google calendar. It makes the whole page black no matter what level you have it set on. But since someone else mentioned a similar issue with a Google site 2 years ago and the extension hasn't been updated in 5 years, I'm not gonna hold my breath.

Arnob Paul

Jun 16, 2017

Google homepage inverts

This site ( ) is inverted while this extension is on.

Camille Bobeau

Jun 3, 2017

Does not work

Hi, nothing happens when I turn it on...

Thiago Assunção

Jul 5, 2016

colour filter

It would be great to have an extension with similar features as the Android app "Twilight".

This would really help those among us who need to work late on their computers, but would still love to have a good night of sleep.


A Chrome Web Store user

May 12, 2016

extension has problem with google page

Hi, when I turn on nyt_mod extension and visit google search page a part with all google search results is completely black, not only grey scale colored. Please fix it.

Thomas Amore

Sep 3, 2014


There is a broad band of green/blue & sometimes black across the bottom of my Yahoo email page with nyt_mod either on or off...Any suggestions? Thanx

Colleen Frens

Oct 8, 2013

Doesn't work on a site


I need this extension to use the legal research site and, but it doesn't work. The screen goes completely dark no matter what setting

Sa H

Jul 26, 2013

Doesn't work

It does not work for me anymore, why? :( But it was working until a few days ago. I deleted it and added it again, but not working yet.
I'm using Chrome 28


Feb 9, 2013

Not found

In Ubuntu 12.10 64 Chrome 24.0.1312.69

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