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vinod pahilwani

Oct 25, 2023

how to reset default tab.

how to set default page as nutab. I accidently set blank page as default tab. I have already stored a lot of book mark on nutab.

Justin Funk

Apr 28, 2023

Lost all my notes

I was really liking this tab and starting to rely on it. I was typing and hit ctrl-z to undo and the tab went completely blank.

All the notes are gone, no way to get them back, no option to have automated backups.

I highly recommend not using this tool until there is SOMETHING in place other than manual backups.

Valerie Loh

Feb 25, 2023

Would the next version allow the markdown feature be disabled?

Sometimes, I just want the regular text formatting like bold, underline, lists, etc, but I do not want the markdown feature.

Nick Blake

Feb 1, 2023

Add to favourites problem

Add to favourites seems to remove "www" from the URL so links don't always work... Any chance of a fix? Thanks!

Truong F

Nov 12, 2021

Favorite site icon not showing

Favorite site icon not showing

Louis R. Stephens

Aug 9, 2021

Is there a history

I lost all my notes somehow. Is there a way to recover my notes?

Влад Есин (svetley1)

Jan 8, 2021

Flash of the dark theme

I use the light theme. nuTab has the dark theme when it's loading.

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