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Wynand Coleman

Oct 1, 2015

Plugin no longer support

Good day,

How do we go about using the plugin for the new Chrome?

Eduardo Gruber

Sep 15, 2015

NPAPI Chrome v45 no suported

What is the solution?

Stephen Morabito

Apr 27, 2015

add to chome link green

Win7X64, the Add to chrome is a green button but i can not click on it. i can click to post and or email but not to add the plugin. i already have the plugin but the software wants me to update it. please help.

Jean-Philippe Bouillot

Apr 22, 2015

Issues with chrome42/win8

Temp fix for chrome v42:

Enable NPAPI: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi

For Win8:
Start chrome in compatibility mode (win7)

Invisible Sandwhiches

Mar 10, 2015


try updating this thing!!! What a sloppy mess

Bastiaan van Haastrecht

Mar 5, 2015

This plugin uses NPAPI

NPAPI is considered security vunrable. Please recode your app:

Gregory Nelson

Mar 2, 2015

not able to login

my signon is

I tried to login using internet explorer-get message to use separate tab. does nothing. tried using crome won't let me login tells me to install plugin. tried said my windows 8.1 machine is not compatible. what is going on?

my account is admin user:
admin pswd: password1

Benjamin Malecki

Jan 2, 2015

NPAPI Issues

If you are told it is incompatible due to NPAPI, download using a third party website and drag and drop downloaded extension into extensions window. Remote away!!!

Anderson Vinicios Dos Santos

Dec 5, 2014

Not Work In chrome

Not Work In chrome

Daniel B

Nov 12, 2014

No Longer Supported on New Chrome

So this plugin no longer works after Google Chrome has stopped supporting NPAPI. A new version needs to be released.

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