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Renan Rodrigues

Jan 18, 2024

Como resolvo o problema da pagina carregar infinitamente?

Ja tentei de tudo, inclusive vpn.

Cathy Morland

May 27, 2023

Not Working

Whenever I press play, all it does is say "retry #(however many)" and then the server id. how do I fix this?

Ricardo Mello Garcia

Apr 19, 2023


Não consigo jogar abre a tela inicial mais não abre o jogo

Ricardo Mello Garcia

Apr 19, 2023

Não consigo jogar?

Abre a tela inicial mais não entra o jogo?

Satyam Singh

Mar 26, 2023

mode available for windows 11

does your latest version of mode i.e. 7.21 also available for windows 11

Benji Mix

Jan 27, 2023

i dont think so, im not getting a virus

it says that it can manage my downloads. Pretty suspicious


Nov 13, 2022

O mod nao esta funcionado no chromium

O mod nao esta funcionado no chromium, nem sequer aparece a extensao para usar no chromium, isso foi depois da ultima atualizacao

Mike S.

Sep 1, 2022

Only works sporadically

No other versions of NTL mod on my system. Sometimes it will load and sometimes not. Very frustrationg. help?

Peter Kothaj

Aug 23, 2022

Started Lagging after last update

Extension autoupdated on 22.8.2022 And game started lagging since the update. Didnt change any settings

Mike S.

Aug 20, 2022

Mod isn't working

The mod, when I click on it, is doing nothing but eating up more resources on my computer rather than load up the game and settings. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it.

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