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Zak Rhyno

Jun 3, 2024

Version 3.4

Hello I can authorized the application with Twitch but after that it doesn't show any issues Firefox version still worked.

Try to deauthorized but the app. doesn't allow it.
Reinstall application and authorized not working
Ran the application in incognito authorizes application with Twitch again and still nothing.
With all these I try to input my watch list with the application but not working.
Version 3.4

João Soares

Sep 14, 2023

Changes to "Import From Twitch"

Due to recent API changes on Twitch's side, NowStreaming has been updated with some changes to the Import From Twitch button.

From now on this function will only be able to read and import your own user's followed channels. It will not be possible to import the list of other user's followed channels. For 99% of users, this will not be a significant change.

You will need to disconnect from twitch (in the Options menu) and re-authenticate for these changes to take effect

Bruno Palmieri

Nov 1, 2022

Show Title

Hi, is there a way to show the title the streamer put in their stream? it will be good, because some streamer put in the title when it is a Rerun, so we can see it befor click in the strem, thx

Mannix MD

Aug 5, 2022

New notification upon category change

Hi would it be possible to add an option to send new notification every time a stream changes category?

Ol Skool

Feb 19, 2022

Trouble with authentication

Had no problem before (using vivaldi), now pressing Authentic with Twitch does nothing. I see activity in my taskbar as if something wants to open but then it does not c reate any window and then it disappears. I dont have this problem in the mozilla version.

Nicholas Baldwin

Feb 14, 2022

Fails to authenticate

Pressing the authenticate button does nothing, doesn't bring up an authentication window nor lets me connect my twitch account


Feb 14, 2022

Reruns are considered offline this should be optional

I would still like a stream to appear in list of live streamers when the stream is showing a rerun. It should at least be an option. Now, it is considered offline.

Michael Mastrandrea

Jan 15, 2022

Was shown an incorrect profile icon

I got a notification that CodeMiko was live but the profile pic I saw in the windows 10 desktop notification was that from Emmalangevin. Upon checking the respective channels, I confirmed that your chrome extension confused the two. Since both channels went live within a minute of each other, I suspect this is what caused the extension to switch the profile icon out for an incorrect one. I love this extension by the way, great work!

Njna “ᑎᒍᑎᗩ” Grimsdottir

Jan 5, 2022

Crashes Edge on clicking the "Authenticate with Twitch" button.

Just kills the edge process, it doesn't even give an error or anything.

Redesignated Clockwork

Dec 28, 2021 permissions

The 3.1 update seems to have automatically disabled the extension due to a new required permission, which is data reading/changing on; is there a reason it requires this new access?

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