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Mehul AgarwalApr 6, 2024

The 'Novice-Expert+' Chrome extension is an impressive tool for user testing that streamlines the process of evaluating the usability of websites and applications. It proves to be an invaluable asset in identifying and enhancing usability issues by tracking user activities and calculating the time taken by experts to complete tasks. Its strength lies in its straightforward features and user-friendly interface. However, what truly sets it apart is the ease with which findings can be exported i... Show more

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Danny vargheseOct 28, 2023

I was quite impressed with the use of 'novice-expert+' for user testing. Novice-Expert+ is a great Chrome plugin that makes evaluating the usability of websites and apps easier. It turns as a vital tool for identifying and improving usability problems by monitoring user activities and calculating expert completion times. It stands out due to its simple features and easy-to-use layout. The ease of exporting findings in CSV format, though, is what really makes it unique.I strongly recommend giv... Show more

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Sumukh NagendraSep 13, 2023

Novice–Expert+ is a useful Chrome extension that helps you evaluate how user-friendly a website or app is. It keeps a record of what users do and estimates how long an expert would take to do the same tasks. This can be super helpful to spot any issues and make improvements. I'd give it 5 stars because it provides valuable insights for enhancing usability.

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Keerti HegdeSep 6, 2023

After using the Chrome extension 'novice-expert+' for user testing, I was highly impressed with its user-friendliness. The features it offers are straightforward and easy to comprehend. What particularly caught my attention and appreciation was the presentation of the final results in CSV format. I found it exceptionally convenient and valuable. I am considering sharing a detailed review to highlight the extension's ease of use and its effective presentation of results in CSV files. There are... Show more

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Nisarg RajpuraSep 6, 2023

Novice-Expert+ is a UX evaluation tool that has managed to redefine the way I approach usability testing and Novice-Expert Ratio calculations. As someone deeply immersed in the world of user experience design, I've come across my fair share of tools, but Novice-Expert+ has truly left a lasting impression. What truly sets Novice-Expert+ apart is its ability to calculate expert times using Fitt's Law. This feature is a game-changer, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of usability a... Show more

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Sagar MhatreOct 15, 2022

One way to measure the usability of a website or application is using KLM-GOMS, where the model predicts experts’ task execution times from keystrokes, pointer movements, thinking times, etc., which are compared with novice users’ task times to evaluate the efficiency of an interface. As a UX designer, I have previously used CogTool in combination with user event logging tools to make this comparison. However, my PC hardware, despite it being recent, was unable to run CogTool and logging soft... Show more

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Robert GreenSep 15, 2022

I have searched for years for years for a tool like this and now have found it. This extension makes recording user actions and calculating expert user time estimates using KLM/GOMS a piece of cake. It is easy to add times for System Response and "Think" times as well. The resulting CSV is easy to read to additional exploration of your task. Novice-Expert(+) would be a great tool for capturing user trials on there own. The addition of calculating expert times using Fitt's Law is an excelle... Show more

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