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Alona V.

Dec 16, 2021

Just opened and all my notes are gone

Is there a way to restore the notes ?


Dec 19, 2020

app is gone!!! all my info has vanished....disaster! how to retrieve please?

app is gone!!! all my info has vanished....disaster! how to retrieve please?

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 19, 2019

come si recuperano gli appunti spariti

tutti gli appunti spariti.Si possono recuperare?

Sravya Reddy

Apr 17, 2019

All notes disappeared

all my notes are gone this is the second time this has happened this year

Ve Ki

Aug 9, 2018

lost all notes

I lost all my notes, how can I get them back?


May 21, 2018


Вчера случайно удалил расширение со всеми заметками. Как восстановить?

What does it Mean

Apr 28, 2018

all gone

all my notty notes have disappeared! all of them. the only thing i have done differently recently is to go through account settings and delete histories and data gathering....would this have affected the notes? i really really need them back.

Y Stern

Dec 12, 2017

transfer to another computer

Is there a way to transfer notes from one machine to another? Or can as least copy the files where they are stored so I don't lose my notes?

Dormilón Gely

Nov 18, 2017


What is the route where the notes are kept please?
I lost them all.

kimberly walsh

Oct 17, 2017


How do I get the sticky not to stay on my desktop until i delete it?

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