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David Köhler

Jan 26, 2022

Access Denied...

In every Page it seems that Extensions have no rights to read or edit pages dont find a solution ... any idea?

игорь добровольский

Oct 14, 2020

embeded or hotkey

Thank you for wonderful app! It would be even better if can be embedded in the page like notion boost ( or have hotkey.

Gianni SoZo

Oct 12, 2020


Thank you for developing this!

Just a request/suggestion. A divider between each highlight would be helpful

Akshay Hallur

Aug 28, 2020

Feature request

Please give an option to include headings and subheadings to know under what section we have highlighted the text. Of course we can highlight the headings too, but not kinda intuitive.

Yifei Hu

Jan 31, 2020

How to activate?

Hi my friend, could you please tell us how to activate your extention? The icon of the extention "N" stay grey after installation.

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