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LaVerne Cox

Jan 31, 2024

The new notebook that hovers on screen

I hate this feature as it blocks often common things I am working on. To get rid of it, I change the settings on the notebook extension to only show it when I reconnect or re-login. Well, the extension stopped working and would not log in again after 5 or so resets.

I am now resetting the extension through removal and reinstall. Please look into this.


May 14, 2023

Letterbox bar on


I've been using your webclipper for a long time. Just three days ago, I started seeing a letterbox (1 inch black bar) across the entire bottom of my screen, on Twitch.Tv channels only. The night before it wasn't there, and in the morning it was.

I thought the problem was my browser. I couldn't figure it out. Then today I unloaded all my extensions and it went away. Process of elimination: It is this Notebook Web Clipper. Why it throws a huge letterbox bar across the bottom of the screen beats me. Could you please fix it? I use your clipper somewhat regularly, and use Twitch daily, and the letterbox bar just blocks the entire informational portion of a stream.

Thank you.

Bahey Saied

Mar 16, 2023

Extension became corrupted

greetings ,, thanks for your amazing wok ,, after last chrome windows version update ( Version 111.0.5563.65 ) extension ui became corrupted when clicked & even doesn't save clips or notes to my notebook ,, even chrome reports errors in the extension ( please fix ) :(

Ярослав Работицький

Sep 7, 2022

Bugs in webclipper

The first of all I can't drag&drop images from browser to webclipper modal window, text is ok but images aren't pushing to note.
The second one is that notes are saving in my not default notebook, and I can't fix it...

Rosemary Bartolini

Jun 4, 2022

Web Clipper App for Mac Won't Clip

Every time I try to use it, clip something from the web, I get a sign-in window. So I click the link "Sign in" and it opens a new window that says welcome at the top but the window is always blank. can't sign in so can't use the app.

Bill Wilson

May 4, 2022

Cannot Login, NoteBook will not display the clip pop-up

When I click the NoteBook Extension I get the login pop-up but am unable to login. When I click the "login" link it opens another pop-up that is blank. After a couple of hours of periodically trying I still cannot login. Also, I can open the panel that displays all of my existing Notebooks. Suggestions? Thanks in advance!!

ممدوح المصري

Oct 14, 2021



Bill Wilson

Sep 18, 2021

A Windows and Mac App

First, I love your app. It would be my only goto app for taking notes if it did and didn't do a few things. Here are a few suggestions:
1. Make an comparable desktop app that can capture from multiple screens and web sites. The extension is nice but having the Notebook Clipper close each time
I switch to a different web site makes it unusable. I must be able to capture screenshots and notate from multiple web sites in a singlec clip.
2. As a desktop app I would have more reliable functionality with regard to editing, etc. The extension is not consistent meaning I can paste one time and not the next, I cannot paste images and text at specific locations, the extension hangs occasionally, and the "Done" button is covered over or sometimes disappears.
I know I sound like I don't like the extension but the truth is I think the concept is great and I actually compare it to Onenote now and then. Please consider my suggestions. In the meantime, I'll keep watching for the improvements! - Bill W.

Conrad Blankenship IV

Jul 29, 2021

why do you need my "location" to save

why do you need my "location" to save websites, even if it somehow has a logical explanation I don't see how it should be a requirement.

JD Blankenship

Jul 14, 2021

Browser restrictions

When I click the extension in chrome I get error: Notebook Web Clipper You cannot clip this page due to browser restrictions

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