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Deathrape2001Jul 19, 2024

AWESOME app givz U quik & E Z list of #JavaHell bitz 2 disable N E or all on the fly. 2gether with 'Disable HTML' (switches 2 disable Java, CSS, Cookies, Popups, & Images) & 'No-Script Suite Lite' U hav a way 2 'throw out the trash' on SOOO many $ites =D

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Mark RemusMay 29, 2024

For a user that really wants the most aggressive security I would recommend this extension.

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AK xyzMay 27, 2024

Learning from default settings, I use: Temporarily... (Y), Any capability....(Y) Default=Trusted (No Ping, Lan & Other) & Untrusted: No LAN but Y to everything that will get ticked (6 options blocked) In the rare case: look at some specific site or even allow temporarily for proper viewing.... Hoping this leaves out most of the unexpected and unwanted things, with the benefit of list of sites pre classified. Thanks!

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Josh KingApr 29, 2024

Easily the most practical way to implement a whitelist-only approach to web JavaScript.

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じこでApr 7, 2024

How to change the language of the extension or option/setting page?

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Nui iApr 7, 2024

this breaks collapsing comments in reddit, so dumb.... tested it by enabling it, couldn't collapse comments. disable it and I can collapse comments as normally...

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RichardMar 23, 2024

I've been using it for years.... can't do without it now. I was recently reminded how much junk in some websites after I had to reinstall my OS and a new Chrome browser. After a few weeks I couldn't take it..... installed NoScript again.

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Dee SeeJan 11, 2024

Seemed to be working fine till a couple of days ago, and I am used to having to "temp trust" a lot of the sites I visit daily or selectively trust what I need to in order to make them functional. I have not figured out how to make those specific permissions persist across sessions, if that is even possible. It would however be very useful. It started blocking every page of my search engine which I recently changed to duckduckgo, and I'm looking for a way to load new search/home pages that do... Show more

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Kostas MouratidisJan 7, 2024

It's great! It does what it says, is FOSS, and is simple to use. I'm removing: - a star because it works only by blocking based on script source. Today, most websites rely on CDNs that often create non-persistent links for their content (e.g. scripts) which means that a script you allow/block might not work in 1 week, e.g. "1603811301.cdn77..." - a second star because cross-site scripts (notably tracking ones like google, google tag manager) aren't block-able unless you also want to break tho... Show more

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Christoban RodriguezDec 30, 2023

DESPERATELY needs a user friendly way to activate per-site. And I don't mean turning off certain trackers/ad providers.

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