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Nov 2, 2023

I wish to submit my Norton pass word

I wish to submit my Norton password - 666580

Ítalo Almeida

Mar 7, 2022

Fácil de burlar

O pacote Norton Family é interessante e até cumpre bem o seu papel que é bloquear sites impróprios conforme definido pela pessoa que administra o bloqueio, o problema é que é muito fácil de burlar.

Basta desinstalar a extensão e os sites que foram bloqueados manualmente (e não por categoria) para conseguirmos acessá-los sem nenhum empecilho. Se esse problema for corrigido, até que vale a pena pagar quase R$50,00, do contrário é dinheiro jogado fora pois seria mais simples e eficaz usar um bloqueio por DNS no roteador.

Stuiofdi games

Oct 28, 2021


why do you make this to ruin people child hood?

Mike O

Sep 13, 2020

Chrome Broswer Extension easily defeated.. is there a solution?

My child can easily defeat the extension for Norton Family while in Chrome Browser. Is there a solution to this, or do I need to cancel this plan and find something else?

Gene Hatfield

Aug 9, 2020


I can not find the "links"/path to setup my account. I have Macular Degeneration of the eyes and have to magnify words so each letter is about 1 inch high. ( the overall magnification is about 16 times! The "screenshots" and horizontal scroll is so fast that I can not read it, and the screenshot itself is so "fuzzy"| at my reading level that it is unreadable! How can I get the rest of the questions answered? At 90 years old & with ARMD it is "difficult" to get things done right.... Gene Hatfield

Diede Brantjes

Apr 16, 2020

Extensions settings.

My son found out that he can easily change the settings of the extension so that it only monitors when a specific site is visited. This is the same for both his administor account on his own laptop (I may have to change that) and child accounts on other laptops. How can I solve this problem?

Erik H

Dec 19, 2019

Causes Chrome to freeze upon launch - sends alert that plugin was disabled

I found the BHO plugin is somehow causing Chrome to freeze upon launch more than 50% of the time. The top bar will simply say "...loading." I need to close and relaunch several times for Chrome to finally open, and at some point an alert is sent to the "parent" that the plugin was disabled. Most of the time the plugin actually works, but the rest it doesn't - it's loaded but says "can't read site's data." I found the plugin works correctly on IE11, although it sometimes loads slowly, and I'm prompted to disable it. What's up?!

Kerstin Sjöberg

Oct 4, 2019


Jag kan inte engelska språket allt står ju på engelska. Vill ha svenska språket

Crysti Schloenvoigt

Jul 3, 2019

blocking internet content

There seems to be no restriction other than time on my child's account

Nelida ascaño

Jun 10, 2019

cambiar usuario

puse la aplicacion en la pc familiar deseo saber como quitar la restriccion para yo poder utilizarlo pues no puedo ver peliculas

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