NordVPN - VPN proxy for privacy and security
NordVPN - VPN proxy for privacy and security: изображение логотипа

NordVPN - VPN proxy for privacy and security

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Connect to the fastest VPN out there — NordVPN. Hide your IP, block ads, and be safe online with our VPN proxy extension for Chrome.

What is a VPN Chrome extension? It’s a great way to protect your browsing and an easy-to-use alternative for a proxy server! Install the NordVPN extension for Chrome on your browser to secure your traffic. Why do you need NordVPN’s VPN proxy extension for Chrome? • Stay safe online. • Shield your internet traffic from snoopers. • Be extra secure with Threat Protection Lite. • Disable WebRTC and prevent leaks. • Hide your real IP and virtual location. What makes NordVPN one of the best add-ons for Chrome? • Feather-light security that packs a punch NordVPN offers outstanding security at lightning-fast speed. Anyone who wants to snoop on your actions online will have a hard time getting past our encryption. • Increased online privacy Use NordVPN’s extension and hide your IP and virtual location with a click. Get a new IP address and surf the web in privacy — no one will know where you’re really connecting from. • Quick. Speedy. Supersonic. What makes NordVPN’s proxy extension so fast? A massive network of servers. Choose one of 5,500+ servers in 60 countries, and you’ll be connected in seconds. • As easy as it gets Download, log in, and connect. That’s it! We believe in making complicated things simple, so one click is all it takes to encrypt your internet traffic on the Chrome browser. • No limits NordVPN’s browser extension won't interrupt or restrict your browsing. Want to safely binge a TV show while on the train? Do it — we don’t have any data limits stopping you. • A name you can trust Chrome VPN extensions come in all shapes and sizes — and not all of them are a good choice if you want to secure your browsing and keep your sanity. With NordVPN’s proxy extension, you’ll get a fast, stable, and unrestricted VPN connection every time. • Protection from IP leaks NordVPN’s VPN proxy extension will disable Chrome’s WebRTC protocol to prevent your IP address from being leaked. • More than a VPN proxy extension Be safer online with our VPN Chrome extension. NordVPN’s unique Threat Protection Lite feature will block intrusive ads and websites hosting malware. • 24/7 customer service Get help the moment you need it. Drop us an email or connect with one of our many award-winning customer support agents via live chat to help you get started with a VPN Proxy extension for Chrome. NordVPN Chrome extension features users will love • Browse without limits — you get unlimited VPN data and bandwidth. • Easy to use — online security with one click. • Supports Chrome version 90 and newer. • Access certain URLs directly by excluding them from the VPN tunnel. How do I set up a VPN on Chrome? 1. Add the NordVPN extension to your Chrome browser. 2. Log in to your NordVPN account. 3. Click on the NordVPN extension icon in the top-right corner. 4. Click “Quick Connect,” and you’re done! Opt for a risk-free VPN Chrome extension trial today — you get a 30-day money-back guarantee when you buy NordVPN! Learn more about NordVPN:

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dmitry stif30 мая 2024 г.

требует регистрации, страница регистрации говорит что you have been blocked

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Strellok28 апр. 2024 г.

Все отлично работает, хороший VPN использую в Украине, большой выбор серверов, скорость при скачивание файлов не режет.

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Купила приложение за 100 $ по совету одного знакомого с другой страны, оказалось что в Турции оно блокируется и не работает, обнаружила проблему сразу и попросила возврат средств по гарантии. Начинают закидывать бесполезными сотнями вопросов, чтоб всётаки не делать мне возврат! Поддержка отвечает раз в сутки, а то и в двое....жаль я не прочитала тут отзывы перед покупкой, однозначно не купила бы! Пока что 1 звезда, если вернут средства, поставлю 5 за честность, само приложение вроде ничё, н... Ещё

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