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pup Co

Mar 7, 2018

youtube compatibility

plz make it work for the youtube home screen and on youtube videos too

Thomas Montague - Thompson

Oct 10, 2017

Firefox pls

pls ... pls

George Melvin

Dec 5, 2016

It needs a on/off toggle

its realy good but i would like to turn it off and on easier

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 17, 2016

Add ON/OFF button

...and there will be no need to delete and install this perfect extension later. Also saving time.

notTyrion S.

Jul 26, 2016

that would be good

If you could choose what to block it would be pretty damn cool. But also blocks for example the google login. Also an option th remove content instead of making it unsharp would make it useful.

Max Chanowitz

Feb 10, 2016

It blocks ads too!

Unfortunately it blocks ads as well as regular content on most pages I visited.

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