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Jan 19, 2022


Turning off wifi helps concentrating but the website does not work when the wifi is off, please fix this. Tysm.

Ilia Sheiko

Oct 22, 2020

Absent sound on Youtube etc


Sometimes (with the plugin enabled and don't even used) the sound of any video and stream drops to zero and cannot be raised. Normally I cured the bug by cache clear or browser reboot, but that didn't help certainly.

I disabled the plugin and don't suffer by that, but maybe you'd want to resolve it.

Best regards,

James Ryan

Jul 2, 2020

Excessive background RAM & CPU usage + dedicated workers

Hi, first of all, love Noisli.

Can you please advise why the extension is using ~230mb RAM and 5-7% CPU (i7) and running 28 dedicated workers while idle in the background?

I hope this is an oversight and not anything nefarious.


Jun 23, 2020

being creative helping me and others in our community

being able to work with others side by side without others making bad choices for me and others as well

Brittany Bushnell

Jan 3, 2020

problems with extension and account login/creation

I created an account with my gmail, and entered the activation code that I was texted, but when I try to actually log in, nothing happens (with either the extension or on the website)


Dec 10, 2019

Cannot Create Account / Login Issues

Myself and a ton of others cannot create accounts or login. Its an infinite loop. Make account, do it, please enter a valid email address. This is repetitive and people are frustrated that you are not responding to any issues. It's a super great product, it would be lovely to be able to use it!

Jack Freiermuth

Nov 22, 2019

Does switch sound output if devices are switched.

I often have to switch between my nice, sound cancelling headphones and my cheap ones that have microphone. I noticed that when I switch, the extension doesn't work again until I restart the browser. This is very inconvenient because sometimes I cannot, for work reasons, close the browser. It would be nice if it auto detected audio output.

Ed Pavlov

Sep 12, 2019

Some parts of a combo is missing

When using extension some parts of a combo do not sound. Web version works well


Aug 13, 2019

Chrome Extension no longer works

It refuses to play anything in the browser, only way is to load the noisli page which obviously defeats the purpose.

Chrome Version 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit), windows 10.

Amitoj Singh Chandiok

Jul 3, 2019

Extension doesn't work

The extension isn't working. You have to force stop the extension each time you wan't to use it and this is a real bother now.

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