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Fae Wanjuki

Jun 12, 2024


How do i create a no follow link for amazon for the product am promoting

Thieu Nguyen Xuan

Aug 15, 2023

Why the link in "view-source" is nofollow. But your extensions don't check that it's a nofollow link. Can you help me answer it?

Our pagination links in "view-source" are not rel nofollow. You can see like this:
However, your tool checks and says this is not a nofollow link. You can see the following photos:
Hope I can get a response from you soon.

Brandon Taylor

Jun 8, 2023

How to use this extension

I'm facing issue in using this extension please provide a guide.

Oliver Aalbæk

May 7, 2022


Hi Igor.

Oliver from PartnerTekst here - It is possible you could contact me on this email, regarding your tool?:

Best regards
Oliver K.J Aalbæk - Head of Public Relations

ClearRank Analytics

Mar 9, 2022

Extension not working anymore

Hey, I've been using this extension for the last months and it was working great until a couple days ago, every time I load a new page the tags dont show anymore

Paul Pitcher

Sep 1, 2021

nofollo through chrome web store

cant download nofollow through the chrome web store.

amine saidi

Jan 13, 2021

can't download the extension

please I'm on windows 7 I can not download the extension can you help me

Amy Oztan

Jul 9, 2020

Sponsored links

Hi there, I absolutely love your extension. However, it lost a lot of its usefulness for me when I started using sponsored tags. When reviewing pages I need to know if links have been tagged correctly, and there's no way for me (that I can find--please correct me if I'm just not seeing it!) to tell the difference between nofollow links, sponsored links, and links that have both attributes. Is this a feature that's on the horizon? It's something that I would be willing to pay for.

Thank you!

Dimitris Georgiadis

Jan 10, 2013

Stopped working

The extension seems to have stopped working. I removed and reinstalled it, still not working. Must be some incompatibility with the newest version of chrome

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