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Noam - ChatGPT translate assistant & Deep Translation

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Your versatile translation assistant, driven by GPT-4, provides a smoother AI translation and reading experience.

💡 Noam - ChatGPT translate assistant & Deep Translation, the best AI translation plugin, intelligently recognizes web page content, allowing you to immerse yourself in web content. It supports multilingual contrastive translation, and supports word selection, images, PDFs, video subtitles, and more for translation, offering an immersive translation experience. Compatible with all web websites. 🧑💻 Usage scenarios: Noam's capabilities are very powerful and can use AI translation to help you better understand foreign content. The usage scenarios are very broad, such as reading foreign news, learning foreign languages, browsing foreign websites, and reviewing foreign literature, etc. Whether you want to enhance your language skills or quickly understand foreign content, it can provide efficient and convenient help. 🚀 Quick Start Guide: 1️⃣ When browsing a foreign webpage, simply click the Translate Current Site button to get AI-powered immersive translation results. 2️⃣ In the browser, hover the mouse or hover + shortcut keys to experience the immersive translation effect. 3️⃣ Automatically detects the original language and translates it into the target language with one click, saving time and effort for an immersive reading experience. 4️⃣ The plugin includes a built-in AI dictionary feature for quick word lookup anytime, anywhere. 💻 Feature Summary: 🔥 Uses intelligent content area recognition for translation without changing the original web page content format, keeps the original language, adds translation contrast, simplifies the reading interaction difficulty, and experiences immersive reading. 🔥 Supports PDF document uploads for bilingual contrastive translation without changing the document content, enjoying PDF immersive reading. 🔥 Efficient mouse hover interaction; just hover your mouse over any foreign paragraph on the webpage to get bilingual contrastive translation at that spot. 🔥 Supports one-click translation of image content. 🔥 Supports ChatPDF, using the latest AI technology for dialogue with document content, summarizing, and outlining to improve document reading efficiency. 🔥 Built-in AI dictionary for easy and convenient word lookup anytime, anywhere. ❓ FAQs: Q: How to turn on/off the translation service? A: Click the plugin icon on the right side of the webpage to toggle on/off. Q: What is the plugin's capability based on? A: The plugin's capability is based on AI large models, which are more powerful than machine translation and more contextually accurate, saying goodbye to obscure foreign readings. Q: About permissions A: The plugin reads and changes your website data, so it requires corresponding browser permissions. Please allow Noam Translation to obtain the necessary permissions. Rest assured, this permission is only used for providing translation services and not for other purposes. 📩 Contact Information: If you encounter any problems during product use or have suggestions for product improvement or feature suggestions or want to give feedback to the product manager, you can send an email to: or visit the official website for customer service: If our plugin has been helpful to you, please leave us a five-star rating. Your encouragement will be our entire motivation to continue striving. If you encounter any issues during use, feel free to leave a message or contact us. 🤝

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SeyedMilad HedayatiMay 21, 2024

Spot Witness point. Is an identified point in the process where the engineer or consultant may review, witness inspect method or process of the work? Notification for each inspection shall be issued for resident inspectors 48 hours and for case inspectors one week before inspection time. The frequency of inspection is 20%.

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Scott WANGApr 30, 2024

If the tables and figures can be translated, it will be better for reading academic papers! I would like to see these in the translated documents.

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Cheng GregDeveloperMay 6, 2024

Hello, thank you very much for your feedback. Regarding the document you mentioned that needs to be translated, what specific type is it? For example, is it a PDF or another file type? If you have time, you can contact us through the following email address: We are very willing to hear your more detailed feedback to optimize our product to meet your needs!

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swilder yanApr 18, 2024

This translation plugin has significantly boosted my efficiency with its intuitive design and accurate translations. It effortlessly handles multiple languages.Highly recommended!

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