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Dec 1, 2023

The extension does not work in the mobile version

Please add url for mobile phones( in the manifest to the mathes section

Ziad omar

Sep 22, 2023

please reply

Hello, I am a mother and I fear for my children from the content of YouTube shorts, so I want you to put a secret number on this feature so that my children do not block it. I hope you see this.

amongusus 213

Aug 22, 2023

why does i need history?

i dont need it looking at the things i look at

Denislav Mironov

Aug 21, 2023


Why on earth does it need permission to read my BROWSING HISTORY and MANAGE EXTENTIONS?


Aug 21, 2023

Why does it need to read my browsing history now?

Why does it need to read my browsing history now?


Jul 18, 2023

Shorts tabs – maybe as options?

As annoying as shorts are in subscriptions list and in the search results or the main page or on channel pages … sometimes I intentionally want to watch some or check individual channels shorts.

It would be nice if the shorts tab in channels would be shown and maybe also the shorts button in the menu sidebar (both individually configurable via an option).

- “‪misoちゃんねる【ゲーム配信】‬” miso -

Jul 6, 2023


I will send a message from Japan. Thank you for the great extension.
Is it possible to put in some way the ability to temporarily redisplay the short with this extension in place? In other words, turn the feature on/off. Please consider this. Thanks for developing this.

Original text:

Kuba Sztos

Jul 1, 2023

Shorts are back

Last few days i seen the f**ing shorts are back on the menu.. So annoying. Waiting patiently for extension update :)


May 23, 2023

Shorts are back

As of the 22.05 (meaning yesterday), Shorts are back in the subscriptions tab when using grid format on my end.

Mr Snipey

Apr 4, 2023

Was working perfectly - not any more

I am assuming yt has changed something because all of a sudden I am getting spammed with shorts again.

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