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Jakob Hirsch

Feb 1, 2024

Not working on a site

Chrome stills wants to download the PDFs on this site:

Peter Nußreiner

Feb 4, 2021

black list feature for special URLs

there are a few pages I don't want the extension to be enabled. Always switching the mode to 'click on it' is pretty annoying

Peter Nußreiner

Feb 4, 2021

Certain links no working with extension enabled

Many links on these pages used to work with the extension until a few days ago. Now it only works in firefox, in Chromium it does not anymore. Try the links on the following site:

This does not trigger a download, the site is just not reachable with the extension enabled.

Eva L.

Jan 13, 2021

Google Drive error

Active extension prevents pdf files in Google Drive from downloading.
"Can't download file. To download this file, try enabling third-party cookies for Drive"

Andrey Konev

Jan 27, 2020

Gmail preview

This extension prevents pdfs from being downloaded from GMail's pdf previews using download button :(

Tim Baverstock

Jun 13, 2019

Could you make it possible to add more MIME types to this?

I'm no so fussed about PDFs, but Chrome insists on downloading .mp4s that it's quite capable of playing when I drag the downloaded file directly into the window: it seems this would be a useful generalisation.

Matthew Lynn

Mar 14, 2019

Still downloading pdf

For some reason Chrome is still downloading the pdf but microsoft edge doesn't.

Please let me know your findings

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