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Henry Fortier

Nov 20, 2023

Prospector data pull from LinkedIn broken

Hi there, the prospector tool doesn't reliably auto-build a profile from a LinkedIn profile anymore. When I load the tool on a Linkedin page, most of the time it doesn't do anything, sometimes it gives a spinning wheel icon, and rarely it generates a partially built profile with very little data.

Greg Ballard

Feb 4, 2022

Email Tracking not working

This week we had some issues with the Chrome extension so I removed and reinstalled it... and the issue has not been resolved.

We use this tool to track email opens within Gmail... it's been great! As of this week, the Nimble tracker is not loading consistency in the compose window and even when it does it does show when reviewing sent emails.

Has Chrome or Google changed code? Will the Chrome extension continue to support embedded email tracking within Gmail?

Dave Johnson

Mar 27, 2014

don't know if this is a problem

Eric did a video that showed how he used the new extension. I saw a small difference between his use and my use. Eric was able to hover over a link (in the video his name), right click, and do the Nimble search. All was well.

In my case hovering over the link and right clicking does not get me the Nimble search. I have to drag, and hi-lite the link, right click and then get the Nimble search.

A very small thing but I think it led to a few in the reviews saying the extension did not work for them.

A small thing that could have to do with a setting in Chrome ??


Tommy Linsley

Mar 27, 2014

Unable to add to Chrome

The "add" button to add this widget to Chrome is not working.

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