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May 18, 2024

Не знаю как вернуть редактор приложения

Случайно скрыл редактор всего приложения там где шестерня/карандаш и у меня теперь просто пустое поле.
Как вернуть его или же зайти в сам редактор иным методом?...


Mar 25, 2024


My bookmarks are not made wide or tall.

Алексей Овсиенко

Feb 15, 2024


Как скачать и установить на телефон не понимаю что кому куда

Артём Бобылёв

Jul 14, 2023

Page returned to default status

After 6 month of use all my bookmarks and settings reset themselves. I did't change anything, so how I can get them back?


May 22, 2023

what happened?

out of no where i couldnt open chrome for some reason, after trying it gave me a message "do you want to refresh" or whatever it said because i couldnt open, and now all my data is lost. 1st time happening

Paul Devine

May 6, 2023

Automatically focus search?

Hi - Absolutely LOVING this extension on first impressions, it's so customisable and loads of the themes look great. Only one question - from digging through the settings, I can't seem to find a way to have the "find or search" input automatically selected. Am I missing something, is this possible?

Dan Segal

Apr 22, 2023

how to activate on arc/side kick?

on these browser that are based on chromium there no option to add a default new page and there are no option to use night tab at all, there's a way to use a local address to access this extension?


Mar 5, 2023

link to bookmark

Is it possible to make a bookmark that goes directly into your browsers bookmark folder?
like the adress: chrome://bookmarks

Would make it a lot easier to use if you have tons of folders to access.


Jan 31, 2023

Long loading

When i open a closed new tab it takes a long time to load. Also long search. I don`t have that problems in FireFox. My PC not so poor.

niko kola

Dec 31, 2022

All around Opera

Hello, I read the wiki about browser support and understood why it doesn’t work on Opera, but I had a question because of these arguments - "Opera works great and like zomFox said, you need to install the extension and then enter extension's url instead of the demo page. The url goes something like this "chrome-extension://xxx/index.html". The "xxx" part is unique to you which you can find in page source"
Moment two:
1) I didn’t quite understand, the person meant by demo - the initial page of the opera with bookmarks, if yes, then where can I get the URL code that I will insert so that when you enter the opera, instead of its initial page with tabs, your application works on Google Chrome?
2) And in general, has anything changed from you in relation to the development for the Opera, due to changes in the Opera with its updates since the summer of 2022?

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