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Yu Nakayama

Oct 28, 2023

Copy button won't work

Using ChatGPT and Bing Chat side by side is awesome!

However, copy buttons equipped with those chats won't work, and every time I have to select texts mannually.


Dec 19, 2020

Any suggestions welcome, please

Hi, When using NiftySplit with my Amazon Seller account, the screen splits OK, however it always gives me a page with a dog stating "Sorry we couldn't find that page Try searching or go to Amazon page".
From the drop down menu at the top right of my computer in gray it states "Can't read or change data"
What am I doing wrong? I would really like to use your extension, please send instructions or suggestions so I am able to utilize it.
Thanks so much, Donna


Mar 5, 2020

Firefox port

Would it be possible to port this to Firefox?


Feb 3, 2020

Please add page changes to get focus

Open links in:Active tab (overwrite)【option 】...
Please add page changes to get focus...

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 4, 2018

Please Add an option to make the Right Window the Master window.

The links I'm using are on the the far sides of the screen with your LEft as Master Default. It would be great if the master window could be swapped.


George Peklaris

Sep 18, 2018

Have to right click every link to open niftysplit, need it to be left click

See subject line. I have to right click every link to open in niftysplit. It is not allowing me to left click after the first time right clicking and opening the desired link in the app

Chas Wms

Jul 21, 2018

NiftySplit to a tab

I would like the ability to open links in a new tab, rather than a new window.
(This suggestion was also made by another user on February 11, 2015.)

D Rock

Jun 7, 2017


Be nice to have a hotkey for fewer steps.

Buddha R

Apr 26, 2017

Nifty Split an already opened page

A way to split an already open page would be awesome

Toy Boy

Mar 14, 2017


i want a squrt

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