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Scuba diving in Nha Trang information Scuba diving in Nha Trang Price: Fun Dive (Has Certificate) 60 USD/Pax…

Scuba diving in Nha Trang information Scuba diving in Nha Trang Price: Fun Dive (Has Certificate) 60 USD/Pax Try A Dive (No Certificate) 72 USD/Pax Only snorkeling: 25USD/Pax Place of diving: Central of Hon Mun Island Commitment: – Highest quality scuba diving in Nha Trang, best review on tripadvisor – Cheapest price compared to other diving centers in Nha Trang – Diving in central of Hon Mun Island (Marine Protected Area in Nha Trang Bay) – Coach with international degree, SSI certified professional Dive will guide you every things, informative, friendly and professional (a coach for a pax if you dive) – Excellent value for money, no extra fees. – After Diving you can freely Snorkeling Scuba diving in Nha Trang Program 7:00AM – 8:00AM: Pick you up from your hotel or appointment point in nha trang city 08h00 – 9h00: Get on boat and move to Mun island. The boat ride will take a 40 minutes with 16 meter long boat or 15 minutes by cano. 09h15 – 11h00: The first diving site is Hon Mun “The First Marine Protected Area” in Vietnam, where you can see over 300 species of tropical fish and a large number of corals. On the boat, our instructor will explain you how to use snorkel gear: fins, mask, snorkel…and how to interact with the instructor while underwater. If you are not a good swimmer or if it’s your first time diving or snorkeling, we have a guide who will show you use snorkel gear, life jacket…, swim together with you and take care you underwater. 11h00 – 12h15: After a short rest, fruit is served, tea, coffee and you can relax under the sun or swim in the clear cool water, continue to the second dive or snorkeling site, you will see more other kind of corals and colourful fishes. 12h15 – 13h00: Relax, rest and have lunch with Vietnam attractive dishes, and then return to Cau Da harbour. 14h:00: Reach to Cau Da Harbour, minibus transfers to your hotel or appointment point. End of Tour Inclusions: ⇒Pick up and drop off at your hotel ⇒Two different areas for diving at Hon Mun island ( Marine Park ) ⇒Snorkel gear ( fins, mask , snorkel, wetsuit, life jacket, air tank) ⇒Water, tea, coffee, Vietnamese fruits and lunch on boat ⇒Entrance fee + Insurance ⇒ Free taking picture underwate How to Book ticket: Just sent us the message with your request. – Your height, your weight and your shoe number (for preparing your swimsuit, fins) – Your name, quantity of person – Date you want to go – Your room number – Hotel name and Address of hotel If you have the opportunity to visit Vietnam, join the scuba diving to watch the sea creatures and beautiful coral reefs in the Hon Mun marine reserve Nha Trang Vietnam. For more information. CLICK to visit the website

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