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Christina Stracquodaine

Dec 3, 2023

Can ext be sent as a file?

Hello, I am trying to install your app on my iPad. I downloaded the Orion browser, which has some support for installing chrome extensions. I haven’t been able to add this Chrome extension on Orion’s native support for Chrome extensions. Orion offers another option, which is to install extensions FROM A FILE. Is it possible for you to share this extension as a file, so I can try to install it? Thank you!!!!

Vince Wilson

May 25, 2023

doesn't work

not working, luckily i found one that works

Afnan Saeed

Jul 4, 2022


The tool is very useful, thank you
But can you add a larger font size?
Some movies font size is too small :(


Apr 22, 2022



Aaron Tsai

Nov 23, 2021

This app still doesnt work ?

This app still doesn't work on my chrome ,but it works on firefox . I can see the title (Secondary subtitles) but there is nothing under the title ,Can you fix it ?
Thanks for your help.

Sejeong Ku

Nov 16, 2021

삼성 테블릿 s펜에서는 다운이 안 되나요?

삼성 테블릿 s펜에서는 다운이 안 되나요?

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