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gatto tigrato

Jul 3, 2023


Does the request to read and modify data on my websites asked by the extension make me take risks?

Andrew Przelucki

Feb 11, 2023

Images are not loading anymore!

Hi, recently there are no photos available for any news information. I always use News Tab in thumbnail mode and always had photos of the stories. Now I only have one drawing with a G on all the news thumbnails. I tried logging out and back in, cleared Chrome cache images and temporary files. I tried toggling settings like wallpaper and other things.

Steven Tackeff

Nov 15, 2022

Where is MSNBC?


Michael B

Aug 7, 2021

No longer updates

It use to work, but now it no longer loads, nor update feed. I was adding it to another profile and it gives me the error "Oops, there is a problem. Try again". What happened?


Aug 3, 2021

News are not being updated.

News are not being updated.

Hakan K

Mar 18, 2021

Search Provider and News Sources

After installation, the search provider is changed to NewsTab without any obvious info. You guys should really change that, especially in europe thats not a good attitude ;-) Also: Mixing different News Sources would be nice, lets say Headlines, Politics and Science Still a really nice extenstion.

Hakan K

Mar 18, 2021

Weather location and more

Hi the extension shows the wrong city for the weather. It shows a city that is 130km away from where i live. However, when i click on the weather, it redirects me to where my exact location is shown. Is there a setting to change that or any way to fix it?

Mark J Galea

Mar 16, 2021

I cannot log in

I am trying to create an account - and it seems that the system did accept my email address as I was told that my email is already in the system.

However, I keep getting redirected to the main page whenever I try to sing i sing Google!

It's a real pity 'cos I'd love to use this estnesion.



Eleonora Corelli

Mar 1, 2021

weather issues

how i can change the city weather????

Lang Stallard

Nov 3, 2020

Watching election returns

Apparently there is no way to get live news except to watch it on a TV. I would like to see it on my computer.

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