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billy Mr

Dec 28, 2023

Heavy CPU usage

In standby mode without opening a new page, my CPU fan spins wildly. I saw that Chrome was occupying the CPU crazily. When I used Shift+ESC to further check the specific ID, it turned out that this extension was consuming a lot of CPU resources. Why is this? Bitcoin mining? Is this extension open source?

Frank Zhang

Jan 10, 2022


插件中的 自动转换 功能 一直没法使用

M Pinney

Aug 20, 2021

Android support?

Thanks for this. I really like being able to see the traditional characters. I'm trying to learn Chinese in order to connect with my family in Taiwan.

I really want to use this on a mobile device, and I thought I could install it on Firefox on Android, but the firefox addons site indicates that it isn't compatible with Firefox for Android. (And Tong Wen Tang isn't available on

Is there Android support for this? If not, can we get Android Firefox support?


Jun 14, 2021



I-Hsun Hsieh (Ian)

Apr 14, 2021



ythu ythu

Apr 2, 2021

Is broken

Is broken


Apr 2, 2021


莫名其妙的被更新了, 結果一堆功能全不見了。
自訂字型沒了, 標點符號的轉換也沒了, 原先的設定也都不見了。變得很難用

Steve Chan

Oct 8, 2019

Unable to translate

Fail to convert 簡體 to 繁體. I has been more than a month. As of today still not working.


Sep 24, 2018



Youssef Kaddeche

Aug 21, 2018

Work with PDFs?

Is there a way to convert text on a PDF?
Thank you, love this extension and keep up the good work! :)

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